Ring Day 2017

Ring-Day-Chez-NewsSince our founding in the home of three Sisters of St. Ursula on 142nd Street in 1912, Notre Dame has been a school steeped in tradition. Through the generations, Notre Dame has maintained its Chez Nous feel even as the school has grown from three students in 1912 to its current size of 345. Annual celebrations and events such as The Our Lady of Lourdes Festival have been mainstays in the school, serving as reminders to current students of the school’s history. On Friday, April 7, another tradition was carried out Chez Nous. The members of the Class of 2018, on the verge of completing their third academic year, were presented with their class rings at the Annual Ring Day Liturgy.

The morning began with a brunch in honor of the class in the Sr. Mary Dolan, SU Arts and Athletic Center followed by the Ring Day Liturgy celebrated by Fr. Kenneth Boller, SJ. Following the Liturgy of the Eucharist, Sr. Virginia O’Brien, SU addressed the Class of 2018 sharing with them the history of Notre Dame School from its humble beginnings in 1912 through its many chapters. Sr. Virginia went on to share the history and meaning of the Notre Dame Crest, the same one emblazoned on the rings the students were set to receive. The crest has been constant at Notre Dame and has been worn on rings and pendants of ND alumna since the school’s founding. In addition to recognizing the past, the presentation of rings is symbolic of the future that awaits the soon to be senior class. At the conclusion of her remarks, Sr. Virginia reminded the Class of 2018 that in the coming weeks they will be the most veteran students Chez Nous and will be called on to serve as role models and mentors for their Chez Nous Sisters, especially those in the incoming Class of 2021.

Before the presentation of the rings, Fr. Boller offered a blessing over the rings and the Class of 2018 as they set out on their final chapter as Notre Dame students. Ms. Anne Crosson, Ms. Skye Angioletti and Mr. Glenn Stordeur called the names of each student as Sr. Virginia and Ms. Brilliant presented the students with a rose and their ring.

Thank you to our junior homeroom teachers with special thanks to Ms. Crosson, The Liturgy Club, The Liturgy Schola, Fr. Boller, Ms. Brilliant, Sr. Virginia and the Class of 2018 for taking part in this special day.