Message from the Principal

Greetings from Notre Dame School of Manhattan!

A warm, if virtual, hello to our website visitors. I hope your tour of the site gives you a sense of what a vibrant and thriving learning community we have here at 327 West 13th Street. Notre Dame prides itself on providing a rigorous, college preparatory education in a warm, nurturing environment. Here are some highlights I hope you glean from exploring our website:

  • Caring, Skillful Instructors: ND teachers bring their professional preparation (almost all with master’s degrees), years of experience, and passion for their subjects into their classrooms. What’s more, they form deep bonds with their students. Again and again, ND students remark on the closeness and sense of support they get from their teachers.
  • A College-Preparatory Curriculum: Every ND students takes 4 years of English, Math, Science, and Religion. In addition, students take a minimum of 3 years of French or Spanish, 1 year of Latin, and 1 year of Art. All incoming 9th graders will take a Technology Literacy course. We offer 9 AP courses, 3 Honors Language courses, Studio Art, American Studies electives, Robotics and Engineering Design, and Counseling and Study Skills courses.
  • College Placement Success: This well-designed curriculum, combined with close attention from our 3 full-time school counselors, prepares our students to attend some of the finest colleges and universities in the nation (and even abroad!). Students enroll in a range of schools, from small liberal arts schools, large state universities, Catholic schools, and the Ivy League. What’s more, over 90% of our graduates from the Class of 2014 are entering college with academic scholarships in hand. A Notre Dame education is a true investment in a student’s future.
  • Technology and Innovation: Notre Dame is committed to the best and most current teaching and learning practices. Our building is fully Wi-Fi enabled, and students in the upper grades may bring in their own laptops, tablets, and even smart phones to use at their instructors’ invitation in the classroom. Our incoming 9th graders will inaugurate a one-to-one iPad program for the 2014-15 school year, and our teachers have their own “technology coach” to help them as they try out new methods of instruction. Every classroom is equipped with a multi-touch television screen or a Smart Board.
  • Tradition: Cutting edge technology exists hand-in-hand with our school’s strong sense of traditions and values. Students are taught to communicate clearly in speech and in writing. Their presentation skills are honed. They also learn in an atmosphere of trust and Gospel values, which are reinforced via peer leadership groups, annual celebrations, and faculty role models.
    Spiritual Development: As a Catholic School, Notre Dame focuses on intellectual and spiritual growth. Our religion courses provide a strong and thoughtful faith foundation for all students. Our liturgies are beautiful celebrations of that faith and are popular with Catholic and non-Catholic students alike.
  • Access: Our 16th century founder, Anne de Xainctonge, believed fervently that all girls should have access to education, including the poor. We take our cues from her vision, keeping our tuition as low as possible, and offering financial aid and scholarships to as many students as we can.
    Empowerment: Anne de Xainctonge also believed that girls must receive an education equal to the one boys received. Just as she did, we follow the Jesuit model of instruction driven by intellectual exploration. ND girls build confidence to become leaders well beyond high school.
  • Diversity: Notre Dame has always treasured the diversity of its students. At a time when many schools in New York City are shockingly segregated, ND students represent many different races, ethnicities, neighborhoods, and socio-economic backgrounds. We are a picture of the city, itself—and we are also home to students from New Jersey and Westchester!
  • Community: This beautiful mix of students comes together to learn side by side. Our school’s nickname is Chez Nous, French for “our home”, and our students find a supportive, friendly environment in which to challenge themselves academically, while weathering the storms of adolescence. They become lifelong friends—Chez Nous sisters—with their classmates.
    I hope you enjoy your visit to the Notre Dame website, and keep in mind that the school also prides itself on our hospitality, so please do try to visit us in person! We promise to welcome you in Chez Nous style.

Best wishes,
Jackie Brilliant