Message from the Principal

Greetings from Notre Dame School of Manhattan!Jackie-Brilliant-Head-Shot

Our website strives to give its visitors a full and detailed picture of the busy, vibrant Notre Dame learning community.  By perusing the site, you will learn much about the school’s many offerings, get a glimpse of student life, gain information about our faculty and staff, and get the facts about our admissions process.  There is so much to click on and discover at  I can only add to the rich content here with some additional highlights of our school’s current initiatives.

Every year the entire Notre Dame community focuses on a theme for the year that is introduced to students during orientation.  This year’s theme is resilience, a quality very much in line with our school’s values and an especially important attribute for young women today.  At Notre Dame we want our students to learn from, rather than fear, failures; to bounce back from setbacks; to confront obstacles; and to persevere in the face of adversity.  Even in trying times, we want them to exude optimism and practice persistence so that they will be heard and will achieve their goals.  At Notre Dame we understand that resilience is most effective in community, when we are all working together and supporting one another.  Those of us charged with guiding the students under our care certainly have to practice these same principles of resilience.

Notre Dame has been working hard on its Strategic Plan, which was established soon after our NYSAIS (New York State Association of Independent Schools) accreditation award in 2016.  Our plan has four vital components:

  1. A review of curricular priorities, with a special focus on math and science courses as we seek to boost already strong student performance and offer increasingly personalized instruction.
  2. A commitment to Ignatian Spirituality with an emphasis on spiritual retreats, not only for our students, but also for our faculty and alumnae.
  3. Continued instructional innovation with the help of technology and an exploration of the merging of art, design, and technology as a learning focus.
  4. Preservation of the school’s signature fist of student diversity and a determination to increase faculty diversity in order to provide both “windows and mirrors” for our students.

I hope you can tell that at Notre Dame we strive always to grow and learn right along with our students.  It’s a school that deeply values reflection and innovation.

Perhaps the most important “take away” for website visitors is to gain a sense of the warm atmosphere of our school.  Notre Dame School of Manhattan is a nurturing place, a school that feels like home, with teachers and students who become a second family.  That’s why our school nickname is “Chez Nous,” French for “our home.”

So please make yourself at home while you explore Notre Dame online.  All are welcome Chez Nous!

Best wishes,

Jaclyn Brilliant