Scholarship Success Stories

Over 90% of the 83 graduates of the Class of 2016 won academic scholarships to college totaling over $20,000,000 here are just a few of these success stories….

I am grateful that I received so many opportunities, found lasting friendships, and learned priceless life lessons while at Notre Dame. I arrived as a shy ninth grader and grew over the years, graduating and feeling confident for the future. My growth and success was attributed to my stellar support system – my mother’s unconditional loved, as well as the utmost care and guidance given to me by my teachers and counselors. At ND, I became well-rounded in my educational pursuits, always finding excitement and inspiration in my studies.

I will never forget the memories I made with lifelong friends at this wonderful school, and I will surely take the lessons I learned, both in and out of the classroom, with me. As I close the chapter on my time at Notre Dame, I am proud and excited to start a new one at Gerogetown University, having been awarded a full scholarship. This scholarship will undoubtedly alleviate my financial burden, allowing me to rightfully focus on my studies just as I was allowed to do while at Notre Dame.

~Angela Perez ’16, Georgetown University

When I arrived at Notre Dame four years ago, I was extremely nervous. The feeling of unfamiliarity sunk in because I had previously gone to school with the same people for eight consecutive years and no, for the first time I did not know anyone. During my first week at Notre Dame, I would never have imagined how much I would grow. Looking back at my four years, I cannot help by realize how many gifts the school gave me. Because of Notre Dame, I was introduced to a diverse community and to amazing colleges, which ultimately led to my final college decision.

I am happy to say that going to Notre Dame was one of the best decisions I ever made. I received an excellent education and made amazing friends who pushed me to be my best for the last four years. The teachers worked tirelessly to provide each and every one of us with the best education, so thank you! And now, I am excited to continue my academic career on a full scholarship at Wesleyan University.

~ Annie Afranie ’16, Wesleyan University

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I first arrived at Notre Dame. Little did I know that I would make such amazing friends, be taught and encouraged by well-educated teachers, in such a warm, friendly, and nurturing environment like ND. I took classes that challenged me to think outside the box and made memories that I will never forget. Most importantly, my experiences throughout these years are what prepared me for college and life.

I am ecstatic to say that I have earned a full scholarship to Barnard College of Columbia! Thank you ND for such a unique high school experience, and for teaching me that if one is willing to put in the work, one can achieve the seemingly impossible!

~ Gabriella Phillip ’16, Barnard College

Notre Dame became my home, Chez Nous, in more ways that I had ever expected. Both my mom and my aunt graduated from ND. Our bond goes beyond the fact that we are Chez Nous sisters. ND was home for them as well and I have seen how the lessons they learned have contributed to their success.

During my four years, I learned to strive to be my very best self, while also remembering to be the very best in God’s image. I learned firsthand that ND is magical, it transformed a naive young girl into an empowered, humble and confident young woman who is willing to take chances and not let anything bring her down. I am excited to bring what I have learned to Fordham University where I will benefit from a full-scholarship!

~Kimberly Cruz ’16, Fordham University


As I reminisce upon the last four years, I am overcome with feelings of satisfaction  and sorrow. I took a huge leap of faith at such a young age by attending Notre Dame I decided to go to a school that none of my friends that I had grown up with were attending. Little did I know that taking this chance would make me feel like I could reach for the stars. During my time at ND I pushed myself to the furthest extent possible so as to achieve goals that I never thought were attainable.

Notre Dame was the starting place of love, hope, and dreams. I am forever grateful for the guidance I received at Notre Dame. It is with this support and encouragement that I experienced both intellectual and personal growth throughout my high school career. Chez Nous provided me with the confidence I need to be successful while also helping others in need. I am pleased to say that I will be attending Emory University on a full scholarship!

~ Thalia Nunez ’16, Emory University