Student Athletics

sports 3Notre Dame Sports teams consist of Volleyball, Socccer, Basketball and Softball. The sports clubs consist of running club and tennis.

Volleyball is the first sport of the school year and tryouts and practices are held in the summer prior to the beginning of school. Volleyball practices are held in the school gym and are usually from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Once the school year commences the practices are from 3 p.m.-5 p.m. twice a week – once during the school week and once on the weekend. Volleyball is in session from August through September.

Basketball tryouts begin a week or two after Volleyball ends. Junior Varsity and Varsity both practice in the school gym twice during the school week and once on the weekend. Junior Varsity and Varsity may have games on the same day against different schools. Junior Varsity plays about 6 games and Varsity plays between 10-16 games. The basketball season ends in middle of February.

Softball begins in the spring. The team usually practices in the neighborhood park or they utilize the facilities at Chelsea Piers or the ballfield in Central Park.

ND challenges each of the following teams at least twice a year: Cathedral High School, Dominican Academy, St. Vincent Ferrer, Christo Rey, and St. Jean Baptiste.