Clubs and Activities

Notre Dame students have a rich and varied selection of extra curricular clubs, sports and activities to engage their interests and broaden their perspectives throughout the high school years.

Student participation in extracurricular activities is encouraged to round out a student’s personal development. Student interest largely determines the range of extracurricular activities.

A partial listing of activities for this academic year follows:

  • Anne’s Leaders
  • Art Club
  • Basketball
  • Chorus
  • Debate Club
  • Drama
  • Dollars and Sense Business Club
  • Girl Up
  • Girls Who Code
  • Glee Club
  • Math Club
  • National Honor Society
  • ND Cares
  • ND MDs
  • Robotics Club
  • Running Club
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Spirit Club
  • STEP
  • Student Council
  • Tennis Club
  • The Liturgy Club (TLC)
  • Volleyball
  • Yearbook

Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege granted by the school to students in good standing both academically and in their conduct. In order to participate in extracurricular activities at Notre Dame School, students must maintain certain academic standards.

Anne’s Leaders

Anne’s leaders are in eleventh and twelfth grade. They are selected based on the following criteria: academic success and commitment to live Anne’s values. These students commit to being trained as peer leaders and they lead small group meetings throughout the year. Anne’s values include the following: Prayer, Trust, Gratitude, Hope, Perseverance, Conversatio, Magis, Friendship, Courage, Service, Respect, and Responsibility.

Glee Club

Led by our music and drama teacher, Ms. Sarah Lindvall, these able and dedicated singers perform throughout the year at school events including the annual Christmas show, Our Lady of Lourdes Celebration, and at the spring choral concert. Students work on refining their vocal techniques in a constructive atmosphere.

Chez Nous Yearbook

Students work towards the production of the Chez Nous yearbook. They learn techniques such as cropping, designing layouts, generating themes, etc. while working cooperatively with their peers.


Notre Dame’s drama program is in it’s second year. During the 2016-2017 academic year the Drama Society performed a Christmas Nativity during the annual Christmas Festival. In the spring, the Notre Dame drama society presented Little Women: The musical. We look forward to announcing the 2018 musical to you soon!

French Club

Students continue to expand their knowledge of the French language and are exposed to the French culture in literature, art, music, philosophy, science, film, and theater.

Liturgy Schola

Students meet to learn and/or rehearse songs and service music for our regular school liturgies.

National Honor Society

The Aquinas Chapter of the National Honor Society recognizes the academic excellence of Notre Dame Students. Members must have a grade point average of 88% or above. They must also manifest qualities of leadership, character, service and scholarship.

The faculty committee uses the following criteria in approving students for membership:

  1. Leadership: evidence of demonstrated leadership in and out of the classroom–elected, appointed or informal.
  2. Character: evidence of the following: meeting pledges and responsibilities, honesty and reliability, cooperation with school practices, concern for others.
  3. Service: evidence of the following: service to the school or community through formal and informal organizations, willingness to cooperate and to do committee work, participation in school activities.
  4. Scholarship: evidence of the following: academic motivation and discipline, critical thinking, ability to establish goals and complete tasks.

Math Club/League

Students work in pairs to solve puzzles, problems, and brain teasers of various kinds. Their activities include math-in-art projects, other hands-on activities and origami figures. At the close of each meeting, solutions to the puzzles worked on during the meeting are explained and discussed.

Running Club

Provides students with the opportunity to develop their personal running potential in the supportive company of their ND sisters. Students will focus on form, conditioning, and nutrition. We will introduce speed drills and hill training to improve speed and endurance.

Step Team

Club members learn and perform various step dancing routines.

Student Council

Notre Dame’s Student Council serves the school community. The council is committed to achieving and maintaining school spirit, unity, and respect for all. By demonstrating leadership, dedication and responsibility, the members aim to promote trust, open communication and enthusiasm in the school environment. The candidate’s academic and performance record will be reviewed to determine her qualifications.

Qualifications for office:

  • Passing average in each subject
  • Good attendance and conduct record
  • Commitment to mission of Notre Dame School
  • Submission statement of purpose prior to election
  • A history of positive leadership, commitment and responsibility
  • Attendance at the orientation session for candidates

Student Council Membership

The student council consists of an executive council whose members are the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. Each homeroom elects two representatives. The term of office is one academic year. Executive council membership may be limited to juniors and seniors.