Message from the Principal

Summer 2019

A Warm Welcome from Notre Dame School of Manhattan!

I am delighted that you are visiting Notre Dame’s website. At, you can learn about the admissions process, the academic program, student life, faculty credentials, staff profiles, and how to stay in touch as an alumna. I hope you enjoy your virtual visit and that I get to meet you in person in the coming weeks and months.

I am delighted to announce that the theme for the 2019-20 school year will be Opportunity. Beginning with Orientation 2019, students, faculty, and administration will fully focus on and explore this theme for the duration of the school year. We’ll be encouraging our students to recognize and seize all the opportunities that Notre Dame and its culture-rich New York City location offer. We’ll also consider how girls, in particular, can develop the confidence required to best leverage opportunities. Finally, we’ll all work together to become more aware of and to counter the societal inequities that interfere with the promise of equal opportunity for all.

Notre Dame’s board of trustees have also taken up this theme of opportunity to explore in conjunction with our Strategic Vision to 1) pursue opportunities to enhance technology and design content offerings for students; 2) focus on the school’s math and science curriculum as a way to make sure the young women who graduate from ND have all the tools they need to benefit from growing opportunities in STEM-related fields; 3) commit ourselves to preserving the school’s cherished student diversity and increase the diversity of our faculty and staff so that all our students benefit from the same level of opportunity; and 4) consider the mission-related call to provide opportunities for all, just as, four centuries ago, our founder Anne de Xainctonge committed to offering education to all young women, not just to those who could afford it.

At Notre Dame School of Manhattan, we believe in the transformative power of an excellent education, one that opens minds and offers opportunities now and in the future. In fact, we are counting on these young women under our care to take the lead in our communities and create pathways for those who come after them.

Thank you for taking time to peruse our website. Every visitor brings a new opportunity Chez Nous!


Signature - Jackie Brilliant [Blue Ink]

Jackie Brilliant