Graduation Requirements

Academic Requirements Notre Dame Diploma

  1. A Notre Dame diploma is merited by the satisfactory completion of a secondary course of study totaling 29.5 units. These units include those required by New York State. The passing grade in each subject is 70%.

    Notre Dame Diploma requires the following:

    Courses Units
    *Religious Studies 2 units
    Science 4 units
    English 4 units
    Mathematics 4 units
    Social Studies 4 units
    *American Studies 1 unit
    Health Education 1/2 unit
    *Latin 1 unit
    French or Spanish 3 units
    The Arts 1 unit
    Physical Education 2 units
    Technology Literacy 1 unit
    Electives 3 units

    NYS Regents Endorsed Diploma requires:

    Courses Units
    Science 3 units
    English 4 units
    Mathematics 3 units
    Social Studies 4 units
    Health Education 1/2 unit
    Foreign Language 1 unit
    The Arts 1 unit
    Physical Education 2 units
    Electives/Sequence Courses 3 1/2 units

    * May be waived for transfer students with the approval of the principal.

    • A. Seniors take a minimum of 7 subjects at Notre Dame. Permission of the principal is needed for any exceptions.
    • B. Seniors are expected to pass all their courses in senior year. A failure in English (which is automatically warranted by failure to submit the senior term paper), Religious Studies, Economics, Government, Physical Education, or electives may render a student ineligible for graduation. Any failure must be made up in a program approved by the principal. Seniors with multiple failures and/or excessive absences, latenesses or detentions may be excluded from graduation exercises. In addition, students who do not live up to ND values may be excluded from graduation exercises.
    • C. The farewell speech at graduation is given by a senior who embodies ND values and has demonstrated leadership, school spirit, and academic excellence. The senior is invited by the principal after consultation with other administrators and faculty.
    • D. College courses may be taken only with the approval of the Notre Dame counseling department. College courses are not a substitute for Notre Dame Requirements and are not awarded Notre Dame Credit. College credits are offered at Pace University through the Bridge Program.
  2. All financial obligations must be met by April of the year of graduation in order for a student to receive a cap, gown, and tickets and in order for her to participate in the graduation ceremony.
  3. Notre Dame students must complete 40 hours of volunteer service as a requirement for graduation. Below are some guidelines for this requirement. (Click here for more information about the Notre Dame School Service Program or contact Mr. Scott Vasey, program coordinator.)
    • The service is to be done outside of school.
    • The service is to be done for a not-for-profit organization whose mission upholds Notre Dame values.
    • Proposed service placements must be approved by the service coordinator.
    • The 40 hours of service should be completed by the end of junior year.
    • The student must submit to the service coordinator, on letterhead of the organization, documentation indicating the type of service provided and the number of hours completed.

Advanced Regents Endorsed Diploma

  1. In order to receive a New York State Regents endorsement, a student must meet the units required by New York State.
  2. A minimum of 65% in the following Regents Examinations: Comprehensive English, U.S. History and Government, Global History and Geography, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, and two sciences (Living Environment, Chemistry, or Physics).
  3. Certification by the principal that the candidate has passed the Notre Dame requirement for 29.5 units