Scholarship Success Stories

Over 96% of the Class of 2018 received undergraduate academic scholarships totaling over $20,000,000.



BalikAmelia Balik ’18, Clark University: I am so excited to begin the next part of my journey at Clark University, where I received a full scholarship. Many of the reasons I chose Clark were also the reasons I chose ND four years ago — a small, tight-knit community; passionate, driven students; an emphasis on community service; and the school’s location. This scholarship will enable me to study what I am truly passionate about without worrying about future debt. I am thankful to ND and each of my teachers and friends here who have supported me over these past four years, allowing me to attend a college that is a good fit for me.



Lauren DeNiro ’18, Santa Clara University: I can proudly say that attending Notre Dame was the best decision I have ever made as it opened doors to countless opportunities and experiences that I never could have imagined prior to high school. In addition to introducing me to my best friends, Notre Dame has provided me with teachers and faculty that have genuinely cared about me, pushed me to take challenging courses, and wanted to see me succeed. When I was searching for colleges, completely unsure of where I wanted to attend, my teachers and guidance counselor helped me discover a place that mirrors the values that I have learned and practiced at Notre Dame. I can now say, with confidence, that I will continue to challenge myself over the next four years as I attend Santa Clara University on a near full scholarship.



Claudia Osorio ’18, Carnegie Mellon University: Notre Dame has nurtured me into becoming the confident and intelligent young woman I am today. The supportive faculty taught me the value of a Catholic school education. I will never regret choosing to attend a small, all-girls school in the middle of the big city of Manhattan. This environment, in which I had the privilege to go to school, prepared me well for whatever obstacles the future holds.  I will be attending Carnegie Mellon University to study Information Systems on a near full scholarship. I am certain that the skills and values I learned during my time at Notre Dame will strengthen my growing potential as I take on a whole new world.

PenderSiobhan Pender ’18, Boston College: Notre Dame gave me the opportunity to attend the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice Conference in D.C., where I found my vocation. I am excited to make a positive change at Boston College on a near-full scholarship, where I will be studying Mathematics and Environmental Science to help protect our planet. The relationships that I have formed with both students and teachers have been constant sources of inspiration and advice, as I have explored my interests and learned a great deal about myself and the world around me during high school. Notre Dame gave me the opportunity to attend the conference where I was able to discover what I am most passionate about and I know the memories that I have made and knowledge that I have gained will stay with me always.



Amanda Rodriguez ’18, Syracuse University: In four years, Notre Dame has shaped me into a well-rounded young woman. Chez Nous, I was able to participate in multiple social movement marches and learn about other important issues outside of the U.S with my English Class. As an AP Environmental class, we implemented a recycling system that has made our school a greener place and spread awareness about the importance of taking care of our planet. My supportive coaches pushed my limits during practice and cheered me on during my basketball games and track meets. It is bittersweet to be graduating from Notre Dame, but I am ecstatic to be attending Syracuse University on a near full scholarship. As I start this new chapter, I will keep ND close to my heart and never forget the important lessons I have been taught.


SinghKedzeann Singh ’18, New York University: As a member of the Class of 2022, I will be joining New York University on a full scholarship. I never would have conjured, as a freshman four years ago, that this was possible for me to achieve. Notre Dame told me “I can” and I believed. Aside from offering a rigorous academic curriculum, Notre Dame has equipped me with the knowledge that life is full of challenges and that those who are successful are able to take every challenge head on. Now, I can confidently say that I am ready for the challenges I will face at NYU, because the body of knowledge that I have acquired at Notre Dame and the family I have built here will continue to stick with me throughout college and beyond.