Scholarship Success Stories

100% of the Class of 2019 received undergraduate academic scholarships totaling over $22,000,000.


Aaliyah Duncan, Boston University

Aaliyah Duncan ’19, Boston University: When reflecting on my time as a student at Notre Dame, I am met with conflicting emotions. Notre Dame connected me with people who have become my best friends, as well as teachers who pushed me academically and supported me, when even I doubted my own work. The meaningful connections I have made at Notre Dame make leaving both a somber and exhilarating next step in my life. I will be taking all the lessons that Notre Dame has imprinted on me to Boston University, where I will be studying political science on a near-full scholarship. This accomplishment could never have been possible without the resources and aid given to me throughout my four years as a student. For that, I will be eternally grateful to Notre Dame.


Deina Felix NYU

Deina Felix ’19, New York University: As the years progressed at Notre Dame, I grew in confidence and belief in myself. I was chosen to be an Anne’s Leader, and with encouragement from my teacher, Mr. Vasey, my friend Masara Greenidge and I started the West Indian Heritage Club. My teachers and counselor were always there to support me during the college application process. My sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Houlihan, checked in on me regularly, always cheering me on for my success. In May, I enrolled at New York University where I received a near-full scholarship. If it wasn’t for all the people in my life during these last four years and my own determined work ethic, I would not have had the confidence to apply to such a prestigious university and attend the school of my dreams.


Vicky Karpowicz, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Victoria Karpowicz ’19, Hobart and William Smith Colleges: As soon as I walked through the doors of Notre Dame at Open House, I felt like I was home. I always wanted to attend a small, tight-knit school where students receive one-on-one help and form close bonds with their teachers. As a first-generation college student, I did not have an idea of what kind of college I wanted to attend, but I knew that I wanted to double major in International Relations and Psychology, and to study abroad. My counselor, Ms. Savino, helped me find a school that would feel like Notre Dame. Like Open House in eighth grade, when I visited Hobart and William Smith Colleges, I felt at home. It is with great joy that I will continue the next part of my journey there on a near-full scholarship.


Montcerat Lopez, Santa Clara University

Montcerat Lopez ’19, Santa Clara University: Notre Dame gave me opportunities that I could never have imagined possible. My counselor helped me join the Job Opportunities Program in 2017, resulting in a summer internship at a law firm. In 2018, the Futures & Options internship program led to an internship at a business firm, which I will continue this summer before college. In my four years at ND, I have made friendships that will last a lifetime and learned amazing life lessons that I will always carry with me. Despite feeling sad about having to leave ND, I could not be more excited to use the values I learned here as I attend Santa Clara University, where I will be studying in the Leavey School of Business on a near-full scholarship.


Pauline Predko, Northeastern University

Pauline Predko ’19, Northeastern University:  I am so proud and excited to start the next momentous journey of my life at Northeastern University, where I received a full scholarship and will be majoring in health sciences on a pre-med track. Getting through the college process and committing to Northeastern would not have been possible without my friends, the faculty, and counselors from Notre Dame. My time at Notre Dame gave me the opportunity to shape myself into the high-achieving, well-rounded young woman that I am today. I am equipped with the knowledge that life will be full of challenges, especially at as academically rigorous an institution as Northeastern, but I also know that I have enough perseverance, motivation, and determination to surpass and overcome these challenges.


Mariya Semchuk, Macaulay Honors

Mariya Semchuk ’19, Macaulay Honors College: Without Notre Dame I would not be the person I am right now. I can proudly say I will be pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree on a full scholarship as a Macaulay Honors student at City College of New York. At the times when I underestimated my capabilities and told myself, “I don’t think I can do this,” my counselors told me to try first and then make conclusions. And when I tried, I succeeded! It was because of them that I aimed for Macaulay Honors College and it was because of Notre Dame that I succeeded. As I start a new chapter of my life as an undergraduate student, I will always look back and thank Notre Dame for everything it has done for me.