Dear Alumnae, Parents and Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our webpages dedicated to the support of Notre Dame. We are most grateful for your kind consideration of support of the 345 students who currently attend Notre Dame. It is only with the loyal and generous support of our alumnae, friends, parents and partner foundations that we are able to provide each and every Notre Dame student with an education rooted in the rich tradition of Anne de Xainctonge and St. Ignatius of Loyola. Please know that regardless of the size of your contribution your gift makes a significant difference in the life of each student Chez Nous. Each dollar you pledge provides students access to a Notre Dame education via the Notre Dame Scholarship and Financial Assistance Program and goes to further enhance and expand the rich offerings enjoyed by our students. Our recent graduates attending some of the nations finest colleges and universities and our alumnae excelling and leading in a vast array of fields are living testimony of the value and benefit of a Notre Dame education. The continued success of our students and school is only possible with your support.

I hope that you find that there are many ways to support Notre Dame and our students.  Whether you are a Notre Dame Partner, Alumnae Sister, Chez Nous Angel or a contributor to The Notre Dame Annual Fund please take pride in knowing that it is your support that provides our students with the opportunities and resources which allow them to strive for academic excellence; seek and understand their relationship with God; and live a life of leadership and service.

Thank you for your generosity and endorsement of Notre Dame!


Virginia O'Brien

Dr. Virginia O’Brien, S.U.